Nero d'Avola

Looking at it you will be mesmerized by its shades of red and purple, but as soon as your eyes are closed the focus shifts to the full and distinctive flavor, which made this wine famous all over the world. It is our Nero d'Avola.



Well-known all around Sicily. White wine has to be Grillo, without a doubt.



There has been much discussion about its origins, claimed by many, but it is here in the Sicilian lands, that this wine really shines. We present to you, our Syrah.



Sometimes you just want to break the usual routine, even at the table. Fresh, light, versatile: our semi-sparkling white wine.



Perfect for an aperitif, or to accompany a dessert, its pink and delicate nuance makes any toast an elegant occasion.


Cannoli di Manna

Avrete spesso sentito dire la frase “una manna dal cielo”, ma forse non sapete che è un prodotto dai mille benefici che si trova esclusivamente in Sicilia, nelle Madonie. Curiosi? Provatela in forma di piccoli cannoli.

Olive oil

extra virgin

Get yourself some hot bread: you won’t need anything else to taste our fine olive oil.


Manna Granulare

You may hear the phrase ``manna from heaven``, but what you may not know is that manna is a product with thousand benefits, that is found exclusively in Sicily, in the Madonie region. Are you curious yet?

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