We are a young group of friends, coming from different areas of Sicily. Here on this island, it’s common to hear your peers say “see you soon”, when faced with a choice: stay on the island, or leave and realize your dreams. We found ourselves at the same crossroad, but in our mind a question emerged, a question that opened a door to a third road: “What if our dreams did not need ‘’an elsewhere’’ to be realized”?

This is how Vineria Siciliana was born, a project still in progress, that wants to represent a journey of discovery in our land, through its fruits, its colors and its perfumes.

In 2015 we reached our first goal, starting with the production of our wine, making a toast to celebrate our new beginning! The company has then put its roots in the areas surrounding Trapani, which thanks to the peculiarities of the territory and the mild climate, is particularly suitable for the cultivation of wines made from fine grapes, grown between the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful hills of its hinterland. Our next steps? Exploring the territories surrounding Palermo, Siracusa and Agrigento, to sell products like the manna, our extra virgin olive oil and grape juice.

Our goal is to guarantee increasingly high quality and safety standards, integrating traditional methods with modern technologies, obtaining certified organic wines every year. Our cultivation methods, and the way we handle the transformation process of our products, strictly respect all natural orders, through an high quality production that takes place in a short supply chain and entirely in Sicily.

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