For our products we wanted to find a name that captured perfectly our personalities, a name as cheerful and sunny as our island, a name that would bring a smile to the ones who read it, like the smile you get when you see something beautiful. So we asked ourselves: how do you say Beauty in Sicilian dialect?

Is pronounced ‘’Biddizza’’ or ‘’Biddrizza’’, and ‘’Biddizzi’’ is the plural form. Bidditti, written as a kid would pronounce it, was made to represent beauty and simplicity..

Back in 2015, under the brand name Bidditti, our first three wines were born: Focu, Ciamma e Jancu, respectively Nero d’Avola, Syrah and Grillo, from the finest and most renowned Sicilian vine varieties. We wanted to emphasize our single-variety wines, which distinguish the lands where they are made in with their taste and color.

After two years, in 2017, two new semi-sparkling wines were added to our collection: White Sataliviti and Rosè Sataliviti.

We at Vineria Siciliana are continuously trying to enhance the typical natural products that Sicily has to offer, while also looking for excellence in the whole national territory, knowing that our beauties deserve to be known all around the world.

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Sicily, due to its temperate climate, makes its territories the ideal place to grow and mature the best grapes, resulting in wines with a unique taste. Among the best-known and appreciated are Nero d’Avola, Syrah, and Grillo.

The wise care of experts who have made the wine their passion, the excellent wine cellars and the barrels of fine wood are indispensable for a perfect result.


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